give a little time
Could you spare a little time for the cats in our care?

We are currently searching for committed, enthusiastic, cat loving individuals who would like to join our Friends of Bredhurst Committee.

The committee work towards ensuring that every cat that comes into our care is provided with the best environment, resources, love and attention by raising vital money through fundraising and ensuring the money raised is used to benefit the cats in our care.

We have a wide range of opportunities available to suit your requirements and flexibility from organising our ever popular events to manning a stall for an hour or two.

Joining our committee is a great way to meet new people who all have at least one thing in common..... we love cats!

If you would like to know a little more about what opportunities we have available, how you can help and just how rewarding this opportunity can be then please email us at: bredhurst@cats.org.uk


As a charity we rely on funds donated by generous members of the public to continue to help cats and kittens in need. Our fundraising volunteers are part of a passionate team that help raise funds to help our feline friends in need. They help plan and deliver exciting and varied fundraising events, which can be anything from craft fairs, cake sales, sponsored abseils – and anything in between!

Closing date: 08 Jul 2017
Social media volunteer

Social media and cats go hand in hand, and our social media volunteers use their passion and knowledge of social media to promote the activities of local volunteer groups and teams though various channels. This is a volunteer role that can be done from home, on the train or even from the sofa! Our social media volunteers directly help our feline friends by helping raise awareness of Cats Protection.  A higher profile can help us raise the funds we need for our work, ensure people know they can adopt a cat from us, help promote neutering and help as many people as possible learn more about feline welfare. 

Closing date: 08 Jul 2017
Collection box fundraising volunteer

Every penny counts when it comes to improving the lives of the thousands of cats and kittens across the UK that need our help each year. Our collection box fundraising volunteers help our volunteer groups raise vital funds by collecting and distributing collection boxes in their local area. Making a difference can mean as little as raising 18p, which is enough to feed one cat in our care for a day, to £150 which is the average cost of a cat in our care. 

Closing date: 08 Jul 2017
Online fundraising volunteer

As a charity we are only able to help thousands of cats and kittens each year thanks to the donations we receive from generous members of the public. Our online fundraisers help our volunteer groups raise vital funds by organising online sales of goods, using social media to encourage donations and any other innovative ways to raise funds they can think of! Making a difference can mean as little as raising 18p, which is enough to feed one cat in our care for a day.

Closing date: 08 Jul 2017